Coronavirus/COVID-19 RESPONSE

ABC Traffic School will comply with all government mandates to ensure public safety during this pandemic. Traffic Schools are deemed 'essential services'.
We are proud to introduce ABC Traffic School Webcam 8 and 4 hour classes. This does not include web-based courses, ONLY streaming of live classes. ABC Traffic School continues to offer in-person as well as TN state approval web-streaming classes.
Please click on our Schedule to see when our Webcam and In-person classes are.
Thank you, and stay safe. Scott and Kim Ware

ABC Traffic School has a 4 hour online class that is approved by the TN Department of Safety called If the court that gave you the ticket allows online classes, you may take this. We also continue to offer the 4 and 8 hour, TN-approved in-person and web-streaming classes through ABC Traffic School.
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ABC Traffic School Serving The Nashville And the Surrounding Middle TN Area

We know that you might be here because you have too many points on your driving record or the court has ordered you to take a drivers safety class but our #1 goal is to help you become a safer driver. With both 4 hour and 8 hour courses we can teach you to be a safer driver.

Instructor is certified to teach AAA‘s Driver Improvement Program